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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rated BG's and you

So I have been running rated bgs for some time now. I currently lead the top rated team on my server (And while there is no real team, the top rated people are in my group)

Strangely enough, I do not actually kill things in a rated bg. I am brought entirely for utility... and because the group is mine. >.>

My main roles:
1. Scout
2. Fast Response
3. Ninja
4. Escort
5. CC

Pretty simple, track humanoids + eagle eye means I can give constant reliable information on enemy movement, which is EXTREMELY important.

Fast Response
Simple put, no one but a hunter can disengage from combat so reliably and consistently to leave a battle to get somewhere quickly. Feign Death is very powerful. Running to defend another base that is under attack, running to intercept an enemy flag carrier, or running to help a friendly.

Yeah so.. I have found that no one is as good at taking a base as me. I can see very clearly how many people are defending, I can sit in stealth for as long as I need, wait for a respawn to leave, I can CC someone effectively to cap a flag. Trinkets or paladins don't stop me, I can just cc them once and run away from the base until trap is reset and re-attack, when they cannot trinket, and I can kill nearly anyone in a 1v1 if required. (a 1v1 in a bg with no duel range and me getting guaranteed openers is really stacked in my favor). Also, the fact that I can approach relatively stealthily means they will not get reinforcements. If only one person attacks, I find that they will not send more to defend (especially when it is only a hunter attacking) They will only rapidly come to defense if it is two or more.

As a class that has the ability to cc multiple people at once, as well as give freedom, paired with an immunity to crit cooldown and ability to be a fast responder, I can get to a flag carrier in a pinch and help him until we get help, and if he dies I can grab the flag, while I may die very soon, I am the only class that can be completely immune to damage (except dots) while still holding the flag, if even for a very short time. I also have the ability to give the flag carrier pack, which means we don't necessarily have to have a druid running the flag.

My cc is no where near reliable as another class, it doesn't scale with spell pen and has a fairly long cooldown, but I can cc multiple people at once, or one person for a pretty long duration, and all of my cc abilities are instant cast so I can do it if someone is trying to stop me.

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