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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tips N TriX

First off, let it be known that the bird of prey is now superior to the crab for PvP.

First off, it has roar of sacrifice, like the tenacity pets had before. So what makes the bird better?
Obviously, as a cunning pet, it does more damage than a tenacity, that is just gravy though, what makes it better is the fact that it has roar of recovery as well, which restores 30% of your mana.

Not only that, but it has a built in -60% crit resilience when under 35% hp. It also has a -4% crit to all melee attacks, and it has a disarm to boot.

IMO the disarm is superior to the root in skilled hands. Usually I will utilize it when a rogue cheap shots me, thus he will not be able to kidney shot me, and I can escape, saving my trinket. This also is a lifesaver when you are fighting the infamous retardin, and your trinket is down. Just disarm him when you are stunned, and that will reduce the burst significantly. Couldn't do either of those with good ol krabby, can ya? They would be rooted, while you are stunlocked anyways.

HOWEVER!! if you do enjoy the snare too much to give up, there IS another option. Grab yourself a spider, which has the same talent tree as the bird, and it has a ranged snare ability instead of the disarm. At any rate, the crab is obsolete.

Versus other classes:

You know I don't have strategies versus certain things, I just roll with it and adapt, however, I do certain things to negate a specifically powerful ability that another class has that I know will be used constantly. With that being said, here are some tips I use versus various classes.


I pretty much already said this one before, using the pets disarm to stop the kidney shot. That can almost always be done, sadly, the one drawback happens when a rogue pops evasion in order to dodge the scatter shot which he knows is going to happen right after kidney shot goes off and you trinket it. Some rogues pop it beforehand so they don't have to later, but the better rogues will pop it later in order to extend the active duration in which they will actually be getting attacked. If this happens, generally I'd go ahead and pop roar of sacrifice and tank the kidney shot (you didn't pop it on the cheap shot, because if the disarm worked, you would like to save it for the kidney shot which will happen once he eventually gets to you) You don't trinket this one, because eventually he will vanish or blind you and stealth, and your trinket is up for the second round of stuns.


Kind of annoying, but ironic at the same time. What you have to do is just drop frost traps and kite him in HIS deadzone, 5-8 yards (minimum rage of charge) Takes a bit of practice, but once you got it down there isn't much they can do to stop it. Also, you can toss a wyvern sting at 'em then run back a bit, shoot something and pop deterrence, he will charge you and it wont stun you, and then you just run off, and repeat the process.


Pretty simple, to be honest. All you have to do is trinket the stun. They will repentance and you will get hit once or twice, but it shouldn't matter, just use roar when you get it. The fight will take a little while, so keep purging everything. If he is good, he will keep healing himself, so just keep aimed shot on him and keep running. It won't take him long to oom himself if he isn't hitting you, and he won't get replenishment if he doesn't hit you. Go ahead and wyvern him after the bubble to get a bandage in.


Don't disengage. Save it till they death grip, then disengage and drop a frost while in the air, it will land ontop of him (yay) and he will be without any means to slow you, save chains of ice. Most likely he already popped anti-magic shell and cant use it. Once he gets close to you, Wyvern sting, and run away, back towards him and over the frost trap.

I'll poast moar later.