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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to be a master of CC

So as you probably know by now, heroics are actually heroic and CC is pretty much required for the majority of them.

What you might NOT know is how amazing hunters are at the CC game. I can keep 6 mobs "CC'd" at once If I need to. My guild loves me for it.

How to do it.

1. Pre-trap. Traps will last a minute before poofing again. That means you can put a trap down, and then after you pull a mob onto it you can instantly trap a second one.

2. Wyvern sting. Not much needs to be said, target something and use it. This should always be the second kill target due to the fact that it lasts only 30 seconds and has a dot after wards.

3. Kite one. After you trap two and wyvern one, you can just taunt another and kite it. You should probably be mindful of which mobs you can actually kite and which you can't. Most of the melee mobs are slow and can be snared, but some charge or do other things. You really won't have to do this much, most pulls aren't that big but it is useful when your tank is fighting more than one cc-immune mobs. Generally, depending on the mob you can just shoot it and book it with cheetah and disengages.

4. Have a tenacity pet tank one. A bear or turtle will do just fine. They have things like cower and shell shield that should make it able to live for some time. Just mend pet it and the healer should be able to keep it up until the tank can grab it.

5. Trap mastery. With this your trap lasts ~80 seconds and as SV your trap CD should be 24 seconds. That means you can keep 3 mobs trapped forever. You cannot do this right at the start, you can only do a max of 2 at the beginning, (unless you are MM, but then you lose wyvern so there isn't much difference). You have to trap a third after 24 seconds. This can be useful for a class like a rogue or a paladin that can't re-sap for example, or for mobs that spawn as the time goes on. I usually have a warlock switch his fear to my wyvern sting after 24 seconds and I trap his fear target. You really won't need to do this on trash pulls, since they are over so fast but it makes Beauty on heroic blackrock caverns easymode.