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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blizzard Continues to Fail

Yes, despite the obvious, what particular thing has Blizzard failed at recently?

The s4 hunter-only axe

Apparently, Blizzard listens to the whines of every other class that complained about us getting a "Free Weapon" when in reality they know absolutely nothing about the hunter class or how useful our "Stat-Stick" is.

So, the primary gripe from season 3 on the hunters PoV was the lack of agility. Why would a hunter-only weapon have no agility? Everyone knows Agility is -THE- primary hunter stat. We said this multiple times to them, and apparently they didn't listen. The new s4 one-hander Still has no agility on it.

Also, notice how it is "Main Hand" meaning that we will also have to buy an off-hand weapon at full price and at arena rating. They listen to the people who complained about hunters actually having something fair for once, and we got it taken away.

At least the gun looks cool..