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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yeah Yeah...

I barely post here anymore I know... but I just did something so stupid I had to.

Behold! The HUN-TANK!!!

What is the hun-tank, you might be wondering. A quick person might be like oh a hunter tank ha ha ha you are an idiot Bandet... and I probably am. But let me explain the huntank. First off, the huntank isn't actually a tank. Don't think I'm trying to go tackle some instances solo or anything. This is purely PvP.

The Huntank is a SV hunter, in full wrathful gear with every gem + stamina and tons of stamina enchants, as well as 5 points in bm for more hp. I also wear two brewfest trinkets for the stamina (I'll get a corroded skeleton key soon as I get 13 more frosties. I haven't found I needed a PvP trinket as of yet, the excessive health pool kind of makes me immune to stunlocks. Rogues dislike me.

How it works!

You may be thinking that is stupid it doesn't work because you don't hurt. Wrong! An experienced SV hunter knows about Hunter Vs. Wild, a talent that gives 30% of your stamina to attack power. I'm at 3526 stamina unbuffed. That is 44524 hp. I also have fortitude, kings, food and health flasks. That puts me at 51423 hp, and about 62000 in a bg with a battle standard down. With improved fort, kings, and motw I can reach 64000. As a hunter. Thats right. I have more hp than your guilds MT.

With self-buffs I sit at 6412 AP and 45% crit chance and 1153 resilience. That is of course not including expose weakness or hunter's mark, blood fury or my Icc ring proc, or master tactician. Not bad right? I can assure you that I do in fact hurt.

In bgs my PET has more health than anyone else. People laugh at me saying I am another huntard, then they step back in awe as I dominate the scoreboard, with maybe one or two deaths. (Despite the health pool, I have no way to heal myself. It would take 10 bandages, and over 2 full foods to get back all my hp, not to mention my pet who has 37k and heals 5k over 15 seconds.) As you would guess this works extremely well for WSG flag running when I have heals. I'm extremely hard to burst down, it takes some time, and I always have deterrence. It works very well in duels, because the best way to kill a hunter is to burst it down before it burts you down. It doesn't help versus healers however.. Because I can't burst them down. It just annoys them. Not that I could burst a holy pally down in my full PvE gear anyways. I have tried.

I guess that is all. Maybe I'll make another BG movie of the dreaded HUNTANK!