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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Revealing Blue Post

BM hunters are extremely competitive at PvE on Live. We are trying to get Survival and Marks up to that point. It's harder to to talk abour PvP because we have made so many changes that the problems on Live may not be the same problems of LK. In short, we just need a lot more PvP testing. A lot.

Apparently BM is miles better in PvE than MM or SV. Apparently they are trying to balance it and haven't looked at PvP yet.

Best get cracking blizz.. 2 months to go.

Wrath of The Developers

Thats what WoTLK is, as seems to me. It is obvious that they favor some classes and not others.. They have openly admitted to not having played a hunter over 50 because "They were boring"

What was at the top of arenas? Rogues and Warriors
What was at the bottom of arena? Hunters
What got buffed in WoTLK? Rogues and Warriors
What got nerfed in Wotlk? Hunters

So far, they took the worst arena class, and cut the leg off.

I understand Trackhoofs feelings about "Losing the Hunt" and I have understood it for years now. I had spent at least two weeks PvPing at 49 in AB, and that was great. I would see the same people every day and PvP with them. We knew who was bad, and we knew who was good. The first time I went to the hall of heroes when I hit stone guard, I saw my path. I thought the epic PvP set was the coolest thing ever, and it was. As I worked my way up, I got the full blue set. After I had that set.. I eventually got into raiding and when I went to my first MC raid.. It was just.. dull. I did not like the idea of having to put up with 40 other people who talk about being the best in the world and still can't manage to press "W" at the right moment. PvE was extremely easy, and yet people could not do it. They spend all this time to get gear to raid to get gear to raid to get gear.. and so on. I decided that day that I would only use PvE to further my PvP progression. So I did.

I got my leaf and sinew, Got my Rhok, and wore full PvP blues all the way to warlord.. and it was fun. I would kill the same people who were in full epics all the way up the grind every day. That was the most fun in PvP. Knowing who your enemy was, and knowing your enemy knew who you are... but where has it gone?

X-realm battlegrounds was by far one of the worst changes ever to WoW besides the change of the honor system and the addition of "Welfare Epics". I would go into a BG, and not see anyone I know.. This was not fun. I saw people in T3 who I dispatched with ease. My server, Darkspear, was not at all a PvE server.. If anything, it was the hollywood of WoW. Darkspear still has one of the highest, if not the, number of movies on WCM. We had Formic, who made one of the first PvP movies, Albis, who amazing editing was only matched by his skill, we had the infamous Swifty and his rival Heinous and all of the movies they had made. We had countless others, including myself, but I digress. In the BG's I saw no one I knew.. and that took the fun out of it. We had never seen tier 3, and now we had.. In poor hands.

Arenas were fun, the thrill of beating other people despite the odds stacked in their favor. That was the thrill of the hunt for me. Despite hunters being so terrible in arenas, people still actually said we were "OP".. How?

Blizzard is now treating us like we were OP in arenas, even though they themselves said we were hurting. The thrill of the hunt for me is PvP, but there is no thrill anymore.

There is some honor to be had for a man who can kill a rabid bear with a knife, but there is no point to fighting a dragon with a nerf gun.

Sure, despite all the nerfs, I would do well as a hunter.. but WHY? Fighting such of an uphill battle is not fun. Having the playing field only a little uneven is a thrill. Now it is just a chore and frustrating.

I doubt Blizzard will fix hunters like they said they would. All I see is spittle in my face. If the content patch comes out before they fix hunters.. that will mean hunters are doomed for WoTLK. In that case I will have ONE last thing to give blizzard: