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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to gear up in cata.

So you are honor point capped and justice point capped and are just waiting for cataclysm with nothing to do.

I found something to do. Basically, I found all the hunter gear from all pre-raid locations at 85 so I can decide the best way to gear my character before-hand.

There may be a few mishaps for you because I originally made this list for my personal use, and I am a JC/ENG

The entire list:

Helmet: Agile Bio-optic Killshades, Engineering,
Chest: Dragonkiller Tunic, Leatherworking,
Belt: Corded Viper Belt, Leatherworking,
Ring 1: (Rare)Elementium Destroyer's Ring, Jewelcrafting,
Ring 2: (Rare)Elementium Destroyer's Ring, Jewelcrafting,
Trinket 1: Darkmoon card: Hurricane, Inscription/Cards,
Trinket 2: Figurine - Demon Panther, Jewelcrafting,
Necklace: (Rare)Brazen Elementium Medallion, Jewelcrafting,
Ranged Weapon: Overpowered Chicken Splitter, Engineering,

CHEST: Vest of the True Companion,
Gloves: Gloves of the passing night,
Helmet: Willow Mask,
Legs: Hillside Striders,
Necklace: Amulet of the Dull Dreaming,
Belt: Belt of the Dim Forest,
Shoulder: Wrap of the Valley Glades,


(Honored)Rare Belt: Belt of the Stargazer,

-Guardians of Hyjal-
(Exalted)Boots: Treads of Malorne,

-The Earthen Ring-
(Exalted)Ring: Signet of the Elder Council,
(Revered)Cape: Softwind Cape,
(Honored)Shoulders: Spaulders of the Savage Beast,

-Hellscream's Reach-
(Revered)Rare 1h melee: Ravening Slicer,
(Exalted)Trinket: Unsolvable Riddle,



Melee 1h: Lightning Whelk Axe:
Gloves: Wrasee Handwraps:

Trinket: Grave of the Herald:
Helmet: Renouncer's Cowl:
Ring: Skullcracker Ring:

Grim Batol
Ring: Ring of Dung Algaz:
Trinket: Skardyn's Grave:
Helmet: Wildhammer Riding Helm:

Halls of Origination
Boots: Boots of Crumbling Ruin:
Ring: Ring of Blinding Stars:

Legs: Balkar's Waders:
Melee 1h: Barim's Main Gauche:
Melee 2h: Seliza's Spear:
Cloak: Kaleki Cloak:
Ring: Mirage Ring:
Trinket: Tia's Grace:

Feet: Haunting Footfalls:
Helmet: Worgen Hunter's Helm:
Gloves: Traitor's Grips:

Bracers: Bracers of Some Consequence:
Melee 1h: Buzzer Blade:
Melee 1h: Cruel Barb:
Melee 1h: Thief's Blade:
Melee 2h: Rockslicer:
Back: Cape of the Brotherhood:
Back: Cloak of Thredd:

Melee 1h: Fist of Pained Senses:
Melee 1h: Quicksilver Blade:
Trinket: Key to the Endless Chamber:
Necklace: Pendant of the lightless grotto:

Gun: Lightningflash:

So right off the bat I can use my extremely large stockpile of gold to get nearly a full set of gear from just crafting. Crafted gear is actually GOOD as well. Heroics don't drop epics, only blues.

The only things remaining are:
melee weapon

Now, there will be a blue PvP set available once cata comes out. Cannot find the prices, but they should be the same as the current pvp gear is for honor. The blue set will be bought with honor and the epic set with conquest, which you cant get until over a week in. You also have full justice points to spend.

I decided the best way to go about it would be to buy the shoulders and the legs with JP, and then you only need cape/gloves/boots/and bracers from honor. I currently have no way of knowing the proper costs of these items, as wowhead won't tell me, but currently relentless cape/boots/bracers are all 400-600 each, and there shouldn't be much of a reason for it to be much different as the blue is technically "last season's tier" and there is no last season so it is blue. I doubt you will be able to buy any of the epic pieces off the bat otherwise there would be no purpose for the blues.

Now I have an entire set except for melee weapons. The obvious choice to rectify that would be to run heroic deadmines. 3 different 1hs and a 2hr with hunter stats in one instance. But this is still speculation. The earthen ring faction offers two rare pieces at honored and revered. I don't know what reputations I will be at, or how close I will be once I am 85. I intend on following a leveling guide addon and doing at least 98% of the quests in each zone with it. But provided I am neutral with everyone, this is the path I will follow.

Reputations. Which to get first?
So you know, Ramkahen sells the hunter helmet enchant while Therazane sells the shoulder enchant. Other than that those two factions don't really give us anything juicy. Hellscream's Reach has a lovely trinket, but you cannot get that rep with a tabard and you have to do dailies, so it isn't included. The Earthen ring has an epic ring while guardian's of Hyjal have a pair of epic boots. I will probably go for one of these first due to the fact that I can still use the lvl 80 enchants, and the epic gear will be a bigger upgrade. Also, the value of those epics will decrease over time while the value of the enchants will stay the same, so the quicker you get them the more use you get. As for which of the two first, probably whichever I end up being closer to exalted with.

Also this list included all the hunter gear from heroics so you can have a quick access sheet on which heroic you want to run for what gear you need. That is pretty useful.

I killed a frost mage

But it didn't give me a statue in Dalaran. This upsets me because killing a frost mage was harder than killing the lich king by far. Didn't even get an 'cheevie for it.

Rebirth of the Temple

I have decided to start up again. The reason this died mainly was because it was an entire thread devoted to just hunter SV PvP. Not that much to talk about.

So I am getting rid of that. While this shall still be named Temple of Survivalism as a homage to days of yonder, I will extend to all aspects of the class so I will actually have something to talk about.

And the fact that SV is no longer the underdog it isn't as interesting.

P.S. your spec got owned Rilgon, eat it.