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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Suspected Exploitation"

Ye Gods!

Blizzard gave me a 3 day ban for playing too much!

I would honestly be pissed if I didn't find that so damn funny.

Suspected exploitation is when they dish out temporary bans for people who level really fast because they think they are powerleveling..

They underestimated the speed in which a determined hunter can stay in the forest... Killing boars!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The biggest chore.. Aint it?

A leveling guide can make it extremely easier. I am using a free one at Not only is it more efficient, it keeps you on track, which is most important. You never are wondering where to go, it tells you.

It helps a whole lot

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I keep pressing f11 for my multishot.. but nothing is happening!!

Auuugghhh!! too low level! I feel unclean.

Wotlk Talents

MM talents:

First, its obvious what there strategy is here. None of the early BM or SV talents have more than one change, but MM is packed with them. This is because every hunter specs at least into lethal shots for MM, unless they are retarded. No one goes only 10 points into BM.

Improved concussive shot
Increasing the length on concussive shot can be good, and it would help with steady shot and its ability to do more damage versus dazed targets, especially with new talents that improve steady shot, but personally I prefer the old way with the stun. Even at a only 1/5 chance of it landing, it saved the life of me and my arena partner numerous times. Now I lose the one stun my class had.

Improved hunters mark

Yay, it wont be dispelled (Which is good for masking traps and what not)... However this talent is barely used in PvP anyways.. so much better things to spend on.

Focused aim

Yes. It was needed very badly. It is however a shame you have to spend 3 points in it, but I would have to spend those points to get to scatter shot anyways.

Careful aim

Very good that they moved it down, now basically every hunter with half a brain will have that extra AP bonus.
Concussive Barrage
They added the effect to volley too... I heard in wotlk volley also doesn't suck. That remains to be seen.

Piercing shots

Was definatley needed for a long time. It remains to be seen how much 6% will actually help.

Improved steady shot

Looks good, but it requires too much standing still to make use of it. Mostly PvE talent.

Wild Quiver

Unreliable. It's basically just there for that extra kick now and then, however it can be useful. Not something you want to be counting on in PvP. A good dps boost talent for PvE.

Chimera Shot

Yay, you can do 300 extra damage on serpent sting (Versus people who likely have 20000 hp in Wotlk) or you can get some mana back, provided neither are dispelled after the first tick anyways. Is this worth it for going 51 points in MM? This has Blizzards trademark FAIL all over it.

Survival Talents

Improved tracking


Improved Feign Death

Uh... I guess it could be useful in PvE situations right before a boss does some large AoE attack, for example when doomwalker does his earthquake, but in PvP it seems rather silly. Yay, you do less damage to me! but wait.. I do 100% less damage to you! Maybe run around a corner and feign while dots are on you? Talent still a worth of points IMO

Master Tactician

Yes! Now everyone can not spec into it!

Potent Venom

I, Personally, remove any dot on the target ASAP with scorpid so it doesn't break CC. I see this talent having close to no use in PvP, but in PvE its a constant DPS increase as well as a mana efficiency talent. Good for PvE.

Point of no Escape

Every SV hunter wants one thing most: Their high critical chance to actually work on that aimed shot that goes off on the helpless, trapped, fellow, you can even keep up the bonus while kiting around a frost trap. This is a good talent for PvP. The frost trap can even give you some benefits of it in PvE, however the bosses would be immune to the slow anyways...

Sniper Training

A good, all-around talent. Im pretty sure kill shot is that ranged execute we thought we were getting in BC, and it will be a very useful skill to have. You get the extra punch to finish someone off (Because by that time they are usually humping your leg with their axe, and you need to put them down) and you get a nice boost for PvE damage too. This talent will probably be nerfed by the duel zone radius however..

Hunting Party

Totally PvE, and probably limited use in PvP, because you would most likely be spending the points elsewhere, such on MM to get to the famous scattershot which is essential for a SV/MM build.

Explosive Shot

Remains to be seen how good this will be. Looks like it might be annoying in breaking CC with a dot that will probably be as useful as the fire traps dot, and the aoe will probably be just as useless as well.

Well.. Less useless than volley...

Just as at 70, getting this talent means you can't get scatter shot. Scatter shot we all know is an extremely good skill in PvP, and even if you only kill scripted mobs and never fight in PvP, scatter shot can save lives there too. Unless this skill does a lot of damage, I don't see a future in it.




I probably would go something like: ... iohfqIo0uh

Basically the same as my old WS/SS build, except now I got more points to put in readiness and the new SV toys. There are quite a few variant of this avaliable.. Just like the old one where you can put points in different spots.. Maybe you want improved stings instead of a bit more AP... Maybe you want a bit more damage instead of lower trap cooldown.. all can be done.

What I DON'T see

Is what we still need.

All I really see is more damage. More crit, which will probably be worthless when everyone has 900 resilience and 20k hp in season 6. We get a bit more AP for everyone who wasn't already MM, but it still won't be much. Hunters needed more survivability. Damage improvements were meager at best. Mana reduction talents are worthless when our class needs focus, not mana. We need something that removes negative effects on us. Some way to escape snare. I don't think Blizzard has learned anything and one thing we really need won't be changed. Itemization. Our gear will stay the same as it is right now, and as we level to 80 we will slowly fall behind as everyone else pushes ahead. Being level 80 will just make hunters have a larger gap inbetween them and everyone else.

What happened to camoflauge? I heard it was a super hunter skill we got in wotlk, basically the same as vanish, but now we don't get it anymore? Coulda seen it coming.

Pet talents on the other hand look amazing.
All pets get the 30% run speed increase. Finally. It made no sense that anyone with a run speed enchant could outrun my tiger.

Pet reincarnation? Yeah, I'm down with that.

Pet roots/snares? Why have we had to wait this long?

I am getting a crab, and naming him CitizenSnips.


Well... So.. I've been playing conan. I just hit 80 and because of the early release on the game due to their budget problems, it has no end game yet. That leaves me bored. Unfortunatley, boredom leads to WoW, since WoW is "Lack of a better idea".
At least if it takes control over me I know I can quit, I did once.

I sold my account, so I'm rerolling Dwarf on Dragonblight with Alumatine. I was a bit upset that it was a PvE server, but world PvP is dead anyways so in the long run it doesn't make any difference. I can expect to make movies of killing people in greens once I hit 70.

Unfortunatley, some untraceable fanboy already stole my name here, so I had to name myself ├čandet.

But, It feels so damn good to be back in the saddle. I don't know how long that feeling will last.