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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Alright you have heard enough about arenas, methinks. Let us talk about other PvP that is outside of the arena, because they are indeed very, very different.

We have already talked about how you should improvise and not let them lead the fight, but instead be unpredictable and confuse them, and take control yourself, and they will become lost. Here I can tell you how to use some of your various survival talents to do this.

The basic strategy you will live by is this: Get off as many aimed shots as you can. Because it is not a matter of IF you crit, only when.
That does NOT mean get off as many as possible. As many as you can. You need to know when you can and cant shoot one, otherwise it will be very wasteful. You should probably know what happens if you try to aimshot while something is attacking you.


First of all, your spec should be different for arenas and general PvP. A Basic spec would be something like 0/24/37
Now, keep in mind that you can mix and match a lot...
Don't like rapid killing and go for the throat? Get improved arcane or efficiency.
Don't like barrage? You can put it in trap skills.
Don't want EW? You can get more support skills.

A lot of people ask me why I spec into savage strikes, a seemingly useless talent. Do I really have a reason? No. I mostly do it for the lulz.

Readiness, Scattershot, and you.

Some people might comment that you are not actually a survival hunter because of the lack of readiness. You would probably agree with me in calling that person a moron for more reasons than I would bother to name.
Why don't we have Readiness?
Scattershot is probably the single best talent for a hunter in the game. It is a quick 30 second cooldown, a nifty 4 second disorient, and can be used in melee range. Every hunter who is not BM has this usually in place of a OH S@#T! button. Many people would choose not to go BM because they would miss this talent. Scattershot most often is used to get the target to stay still long enough for a trap to take effect after the arming timer. Most hunters rely on this too much, and consequently cannot use the shot to interrupt casts or stop the target, but basically use it as a freezing trap. You should learn to instead lure them to the trap, thus saving your scattershot for a rainy day when everything else is on cooldown.
The second purpose of saving scattershot is using it with aimed shot, so you can get one volley off for each instead of just one on the trap.

Using traps.

Freeze trap is your friend. Duel a warrior and try to see how many times you can possibly get him frozen/wyvernstung just to irritate him. It never gets old. They do share the same DR however, and you need to learn to time them so that you don't get that big fat immune pop up which will really ruin your day. Don't just spam the trap once the CD is up, play it smart. Use the traps not just to CC them, but to stop them from doing other things. Either have a cooldown timer for your enemies or do it by memory. Put a trap down when a warrior is about to intercept or a mage is about to blink. Also, know which traps to use. Freeze is not the best for everyone. Snake trap shamans and paladins so you can viper sting them. Don't use a freezing versus a warlock, because the failhunter will just resist it while its humping your leg, instead use a snake trap and it will shoot ranged mind numbing onto the warlock.

I'll post more later... Bandet out