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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pet XP nerfed

Well, in case you were planning on leveling some pets, be warned that experience in dungeons lvl 80 heroics -85 non heroic has been nerfed to the ground. This was mainly done to prevent people from speed leveling by tagging mobs out of party and having the group kill them, like how athene did to get the world first 80.

Kind of funny, since he went out of his way to confirm that he couldn't get banned for what he was going to, then got banned anyways.

Anyways... In case anyone was planning on trying this, don't bother it won't work. This also means pets gain shitty experience in lvl 80 heroics. So don't try to level your pets unless you want to do it grinding mobs in the world. Also, when you hit 85 all your pets will be 82 anyways, so it is pointless to get them to 80 unless it is the pet you plan on leveling with.