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Friday, October 31, 2008


Know I've been away.. school ETC.

Also.. I'm working on my new video.. It's basically going to be a tribute to the golden days of WoW PvP, and changes over the years. It will include footage from all my movies, including new dwarf clips, and footage from the short period in which I was named "Lagspike" and made a movie, however, the movie turned out pretty crappy so I don't host it anymore.. but there is a few good clips that I took out of it.

It is kind of interesting, because it shows the evolution of not only the hunter, but the person playing the hunter. At the start, I am not as good as I am now, I have no addons, and I... click a few skills. *cringe* It then shows how my UI slowly evolved to what it is now, as well as my ability. Also, it is funny to notice at how over three years my keybinds have stayed the same except for minor changes, and additions of new ones for new skills. Infact, the only thing I changed on my dwarf from what I had two years ago was moving viper sting to f4, where scorpid sting was, and moving that to f10, where viper was. I realized this when I was undergeared, and was kiting a mage around a pillar with viper sting, because I would have no chance otherwise, and I could not reach viper sting.. and then later in one clip I mean to scorpid sting a target to remove a dot, so I can trap him.. but by habit, I hit f4, which was viper.. and it totally ruined it, but I salvaged the fight.. I thought it was funny.

It's also for personal reasons.. a lot of my older movies were made when I sucked at editing.... and it will be good to re-do them. Any player who PvP'd at 60 will appreciate the movie, and that is what I'm shooting for.. a movie to bring back the golden days.