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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The WoTLK raiding spec..

Is it MM hunters time to shine?

Despite the other buffs that have been given to MM for DPS there is one, in conjunction with a great nerf to SV. MM has been granted the gift of raid support, the one thing that manages to keep hunters in raids.. and it has been stolen from SV.

What is this great atrocity you ask?

TSA now affects the entire raid, gives a hefty % bonus to AP, 10%, and Expose weakness.. only works for the one hunter, and despite the fact that hunting party has been nerfed into the dirt.

So.. as how there is only one SV hunter per raid, in WoTLK there will only be one MM hunter for the raid.

Well.. at least Rilgon will be happy.

That bastard.

dualboxing in 2v2

I saw the darndest thing last night..

This warrior druid team was dualboxing. Only one would be moving at a time.. At first we thought they were lagging but no.. alas.. It was one guy actually playing two characters.

I don't mind the free points, but I found it rather funny.

Sad part is I'm sure he actually beat someone.