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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So.. I am rapidly approaching the big day!

What is the big day?

Simple! It is the day in which I can discard these MM shackles and embrace Survivalism once more!

My brother, Roflologist is learning fast, and while never playing a druid or even doing arenas, we are doing well.. Sure our rating is still a bit low, but it has to be a gradual increase.. Every team we fight has twice as much resilience as us because it is so easy to get PvP epics now.. it only takes time. Time, that we haven't had enough of yet.

While Rofl was doing a PuG Kara run made by some prot paladin in a Hyjal/BT guild while he was still undergeared for kara, he made such a good impression and demonstration that the guy flat out invited him to his guild and the next day he was raiding BT in tier blue. The GM even offered to buy him a geared resto druid so he could help them progress faster (The GM is quite wealthy IRL and server myth has it that he is Will Smith, I don't know if it's true, but I would like to believe it!)

I am as fortunate to have him as a partner as he is to have me!

But.. back on topic.. The big day, usually said when you reach 600 agi unbuffed you can spec SV because the DPS is better, but in PvP you don't necessarily need the DPS.. In fact, my old hunter had only around 550 agi in the gear I got gladiator as, Including LR. I'm telling myself I can go SV once I get out of all my blues.. I have four left.

And.. once I do that.. I can begin to craft my next movie, and I got a great idea for it.