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Monday, August 11, 2008

Outlands, Ahoy!!

Level 61.. 1 20 hours played.

I don't think I'll beat athene's crazy time... But not bad for one who wasn't trying to.

How did I do it you ask? It is actually extremely easy...

As you probably have read.. Blizzard implemented a new system with the recruit a friend function.

Here are the benefits of it.

3x bonus XP on mobs and quests
You can summon eachother anywhere on an hour cooldown.
Every 2 levels the referee gets, he can grant one level to a lower level character of the referer.

These benefits only work to level 60.

So I leveled with my brother's druid all the way to 60, and in a group with the bonus experience we actually got MORE experience per mob than when we solo. The main trick we did though was to give me all the gather quests and not have him take them.. So that speeds us up. Doing this makes me pass him in experience... So every time he falls behind I grant him a level. And then once I hit 59, I gave the rest of my levels to a level one character he made so that they wouldn't be wasted when I hit 60 and they dissapear. Free level 18 woo..

I haven't ever mentioned my brother before.. He is my older brother and he is just as competent as I. I convinced him to go a druid so we can do 2v2, and I do not forsee us having any problems getting gladiator at least.. Probably more.

And he wont dump me like my last druid did for a warrior!