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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I have ascended to hunter SSJ!

I am not entirely sure how, but I managed to get both aspect of the fox and hawk on at the same time. I have been close before, doing it by accident with hawk and cheetah or pack, but since I didn't quite understand how it works I haven't gotten it just right.

But today, by complete accident I managed to get hawk and fox on at the same time.

Hawk seems to be passive, and I can change fox to cheetah/pack/wild without losing it. I am not entirely sure how I did it, but I am positive it has something to do with camo and buffing changing aspects within/without of it. Try it for yourselves and see if you can't ascend to the next level of hunterdom, odds are you have already done it and didn't realize it.


All I did was have fox active, then turn on camo and as quick as I could turn on hawk.. and they both stuck.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to be a master of CC

So as you probably know by now, heroics are actually heroic and CC is pretty much required for the majority of them.

What you might NOT know is how amazing hunters are at the CC game. I can keep 6 mobs "CC'd" at once If I need to. My guild loves me for it.

How to do it.

1. Pre-trap. Traps will last a minute before poofing again. That means you can put a trap down, and then after you pull a mob onto it you can instantly trap a second one.

2. Wyvern sting. Not much needs to be said, target something and use it. This should always be the second kill target due to the fact that it lasts only 30 seconds and has a dot after wards.

3. Kite one. After you trap two and wyvern one, you can just taunt another and kite it. You should probably be mindful of which mobs you can actually kite and which you can't. Most of the melee mobs are slow and can be snared, but some charge or do other things. You really won't have to do this much, most pulls aren't that big but it is useful when your tank is fighting more than one cc-immune mobs. Generally, depending on the mob you can just shoot it and book it with cheetah and disengages.

4. Have a tenacity pet tank one. A bear or turtle will do just fine. They have things like cower and shell shield that should make it able to live for some time. Just mend pet it and the healer should be able to keep it up until the tank can grab it.

5. Trap mastery. With this your trap lasts ~80 seconds and as SV your trap CD should be 24 seconds. That means you can keep 3 mobs trapped forever. You cannot do this right at the start, you can only do a max of 2 at the beginning, (unless you are MM, but then you lose wyvern so there isn't much difference). You have to trap a third after 24 seconds. This can be useful for a class like a rogue or a paladin that can't re-sap for example, or for mobs that spawn as the time goes on. I usually have a warlock switch his fear to my wyvern sting after 24 seconds and I trap his fear target. You really won't need to do this on trash pulls, since they are over so fast but it makes Beauty on heroic blackrock caverns easymode.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Server first 85 hunter!

Yeah I both did and didn't get it.

I WAS the first to 85, by about 7 minutes, but I have not been on the server for 60 days so I wasn't eligible for the achievement. :(

I really didn't prepare for it or plan anything, I just went and leveled. Guess they weren't expecting any competition.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pet XP nerfed

Well, in case you were planning on leveling some pets, be warned that experience in dungeons lvl 80 heroics -85 non heroic has been nerfed to the ground. This was mainly done to prevent people from speed leveling by tagging mobs out of party and having the group kill them, like how athene did to get the world first 80.

Kind of funny, since he went out of his way to confirm that he couldn't get banned for what he was going to, then got banned anyways.

Anyways... In case anyone was planning on trying this, don't bother it won't work. This also means pets gain shitty experience in lvl 80 heroics. So don't try to level your pets unless you want to do it grinding mobs in the world. Also, when you hit 85 all your pets will be 82 anyways, so it is pointless to get them to 80 unless it is the pet you plan on leveling with.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Best Leveling spec in Cata?

This is on everyone's mind. What will you level as in cata? Well fear not!! I have figured it out already.

During the extensive pre-cataclysm boredom stage, I decided to knock out loremaster of northrend. I haven't bothered with the old world one because I knew in cataclysm you will be able to fly in it. Also, it is a LOT easier now with a combination of quest number achievements by zone instead of just a total quest count, so I am glad I waited.

But basically, let us go through each spec with the pros and cons before I give you my opinion.

First off, BM. For the longest time BM has been regarded as "The leveling spec". Mainly because the pet would be tanking throughout the majority of leveling, so a spec that increases the durability of the pet as well as the threat it puts out seems ideal and makes it very easy. Also, the pet doing most of the damage the process is mostly automated and you don't have to do that much. Kind of like first-class service. But, in cataclysm, pet threat is a nonfactor. We have the amazing glyph of misdirection which resets the cooldown when it is cast on our pet. So with any spec, our pet has 100% threat regardless.
Also, all of our pets have had enormous buffs to their durability. Mend pet is buffed as well as proper scaling from our gear. They are in no real fear of dying anytime soon.

But BM is not completely useless! It is very good with the new focus mechanic, your pet has good regeneration and it is pulling most of the weight, and you get cooldowns that help your focus like fervor and the beast within that reduces cost by 50%, but most importantly I enjoy the faster mount speed, an all purpose bonus to questing, and not to mention the self-heals from the spirit beast, a godsend in our time.

But what I feel this spec lacks is that it is extremely cooldown-reliant. It is only focus efficient for a short duration and then is pretty poor between fights. While leveling, you will be constantly killing without pause, and this spec loses its benefits.

Survival. My staple tree of specialization, and the currently best raiding and pvp spec in cataclysm. This is obviously the best choice for leveling, right? In my opinion, it isn't.

"Why not?", you might ask. One, this tree has no survivability. No self heals. Second, this tree has zero focus regeneration outside of procs. That means it isn't good for rapid leveling without annoyance. Example, Shoot explosive shot, mob dies, shoot explosive shot, second mob dies.. You are now completely OOF and have no way of regenerating save spamming steady shot or waiting. This is why I won't level with this spec. Also, this spec has damage that is very dependent on your debuffs on the target. Serpent sting, 10% more damage, (not to mention that your dots crit a lot harder than as other specs) Black arrow, ticks hard and procs locknload. That means a typical SV rotation is black arrow, serpent sting, explosive shot. Then the mob is dead before the dots get to use their full effect. So then you are simply ending up with neglecting your maximum potential dps to just spam explosive shot. That could work, but then you run out of focus with no way to restore. I have a better solution.

Marksmanship. My spec of choice for leveling. Why? Well, first off it requires extremely minimal buttons to press. You press two buttons to kill things, chimera shot and arcane shot. They require no shots to be set up beforehand, they will apply Hunter's mark, chimera shot no longer needs serpent sting so you do not even have to use it. Other than that, the PRIMARY reason why MM is the superior spec is rapid recovery. Every time you kill a mob, you get 50 focus back. 'Nuff said. If this tree had ONLY that I would be sold, but it has far more. It has very nice aoe damage with bombardment, as well as using concussive barrage you can effectively kite multiple mobs at once. Silencing shot. A very useful ability for the inevitable caster mobs that you'll encounter while questing as well as those elite quests that only hunters can solo, because we are so pro. It also has readiness, so you can do whatever you want a second time, including feign death to prevent dying and running through quests to pick up that item you need, and of course self heals from chimera shot. It isn't much, I know, but it is enough that you don't have to stop.. since your pet will be taking the majority of the damage.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!

You are probably wondering what pet to use, and which pets stand out. Allow me to assist you.

PvE: I generally go between the Cat, Wolf, and Raptor in that order. I use whatever the group doesn't have. In case you didn't know, cat provides horn of winter, wolf LoTP, and raptor is sunder armor. As a Sv hunter sunder armor isn't as important, but if you are MM a raptor is more important. You can also get a wind serpent for 8% magic damage, ravager for 4% physical damage, or a hyena for 30% bleed damage. These won't be as beneficial as the others I think. (Except maybe for a wind serpent as SV) but you should get one on the off-chance that your group has all the other buffs.

If they have everything, you might consider a pet that reduces the damage on the tank. A fox or plainstrider reduces attack speed by 20% and a carrion bird reduces physical damage of the surrounding targets by 10%. They can be pretty significant differences if your tank needs help.

Rare pets.
This is probably the most striking one. An undead eagle. We all have seen these flying around northrend and were dying to tame one. Now we can.
The only way to get this particular "beauty" is by doing a quest in the WPL. Shows the bird in question while is the first quest in the chain.

Corehound fans, you have a brand new best in show. We got Chromaggus, the prismatic dragon-hound thing from BWL. Be warned though, this cannot be tamed solo and you will need help.

Foxes. Yes we all love them and they are so cute, and 95% of the huntard population has one, and it is the new staple for "huntard" as cat has been for the past 2 expansions. But if you want one, get the rare one that every huntard cant. This beauty is called Ashtail, and it spawns here. The spawn time is 45 minutes so there is probably a wait, but nothing as horrible as a spirit beast.

Shows the exact spawn point.

Monkeys! They are awesome, and make funny sounds when attacking. What is not to love? Oh, and they are currently the best PvP pet ever with a 4 second stun (that will be nerfed, to the ground baby, in the near future)
Which monkey is the best?! Well, the ones with pickaxes of course! You can tame them in the deadmines. If you want a normal non-weaponized monkey, they roam around northern stranglethorn.

A unique BM pet. I know right? They are supposed to be unique but this one stands out with the unique crowd. Here we have a worm. If you are raiding as BM I would suggest you grab one of these and/or a chimera for the situations in which you need aoe damage for your raid.

The unique thing about this worm is that it is transparent. You tame it while doing the daily quest for Dun Niffelem.

And finally, we have the new ghost wolf! This isn't as unique and striking as the old blue spirit wolf, but it is a sigh of relief from those hideous northrend worgs.

You tame this in eastern plaguelands. You can even tame him with the sword in his head using the kill-tame method used for the oil worgs in borean.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to gear up in cata.

So you are honor point capped and justice point capped and are just waiting for cataclysm with nothing to do.

I found something to do. Basically, I found all the hunter gear from all pre-raid locations at 85 so I can decide the best way to gear my character before-hand.

There may be a few mishaps for you because I originally made this list for my personal use, and I am a JC/ENG

The entire list:

Helmet: Agile Bio-optic Killshades, Engineering,
Chest: Dragonkiller Tunic, Leatherworking,
Belt: Corded Viper Belt, Leatherworking,
Ring 1: (Rare)Elementium Destroyer's Ring, Jewelcrafting,
Ring 2: (Rare)Elementium Destroyer's Ring, Jewelcrafting,
Trinket 1: Darkmoon card: Hurricane, Inscription/Cards,
Trinket 2: Figurine - Demon Panther, Jewelcrafting,
Necklace: (Rare)Brazen Elementium Medallion, Jewelcrafting,
Ranged Weapon: Overpowered Chicken Splitter, Engineering,

CHEST: Vest of the True Companion,
Gloves: Gloves of the passing night,
Helmet: Willow Mask,
Legs: Hillside Striders,
Necklace: Amulet of the Dull Dreaming,
Belt: Belt of the Dim Forest,
Shoulder: Wrap of the Valley Glades,


(Honored)Rare Belt: Belt of the Stargazer,

-Guardians of Hyjal-
(Exalted)Boots: Treads of Malorne,

-The Earthen Ring-
(Exalted)Ring: Signet of the Elder Council,
(Revered)Cape: Softwind Cape,
(Honored)Shoulders: Spaulders of the Savage Beast,

-Hellscream's Reach-
(Revered)Rare 1h melee: Ravening Slicer,
(Exalted)Trinket: Unsolvable Riddle,



Melee 1h: Lightning Whelk Axe:
Gloves: Wrasee Handwraps:

Trinket: Grave of the Herald:
Helmet: Renouncer's Cowl:
Ring: Skullcracker Ring:

Grim Batol
Ring: Ring of Dung Algaz:
Trinket: Skardyn's Grave:
Helmet: Wildhammer Riding Helm:

Halls of Origination
Boots: Boots of Crumbling Ruin:
Ring: Ring of Blinding Stars:

Legs: Balkar's Waders:
Melee 1h: Barim's Main Gauche:
Melee 2h: Seliza's Spear:
Cloak: Kaleki Cloak:
Ring: Mirage Ring:
Trinket: Tia's Grace:

Feet: Haunting Footfalls:
Helmet: Worgen Hunter's Helm:
Gloves: Traitor's Grips:

Bracers: Bracers of Some Consequence:
Melee 1h: Buzzer Blade:
Melee 1h: Cruel Barb:
Melee 1h: Thief's Blade:
Melee 2h: Rockslicer:
Back: Cape of the Brotherhood:
Back: Cloak of Thredd:

Melee 1h: Fist of Pained Senses:
Melee 1h: Quicksilver Blade:
Trinket: Key to the Endless Chamber:
Necklace: Pendant of the lightless grotto:

Gun: Lightningflash:

So right off the bat I can use my extremely large stockpile of gold to get nearly a full set of gear from just crafting. Crafted gear is actually GOOD as well. Heroics don't drop epics, only blues.

The only things remaining are:
melee weapon

Now, there will be a blue PvP set available once cata comes out. Cannot find the prices, but they should be the same as the current pvp gear is for honor. The blue set will be bought with honor and the epic set with conquest, which you cant get until over a week in. You also have full justice points to spend.

I decided the best way to go about it would be to buy the shoulders and the legs with JP, and then you only need cape/gloves/boots/and bracers from honor. I currently have no way of knowing the proper costs of these items, as wowhead won't tell me, but currently relentless cape/boots/bracers are all 400-600 each, and there shouldn't be much of a reason for it to be much different as the blue is technically "last season's tier" and there is no last season so it is blue. I doubt you will be able to buy any of the epic pieces off the bat otherwise there would be no purpose for the blues.

Now I have an entire set except for melee weapons. The obvious choice to rectify that would be to run heroic deadmines. 3 different 1hs and a 2hr with hunter stats in one instance. But this is still speculation. The earthen ring faction offers two rare pieces at honored and revered. I don't know what reputations I will be at, or how close I will be once I am 85. I intend on following a leveling guide addon and doing at least 98% of the quests in each zone with it. But provided I am neutral with everyone, this is the path I will follow.

Reputations. Which to get first?
So you know, Ramkahen sells the hunter helmet enchant while Therazane sells the shoulder enchant. Other than that those two factions don't really give us anything juicy. Hellscream's Reach has a lovely trinket, but you cannot get that rep with a tabard and you have to do dailies, so it isn't included. The Earthen ring has an epic ring while guardian's of Hyjal have a pair of epic boots. I will probably go for one of these first due to the fact that I can still use the lvl 80 enchants, and the epic gear will be a bigger upgrade. Also, the value of those epics will decrease over time while the value of the enchants will stay the same, so the quicker you get them the more use you get. As for which of the two first, probably whichever I end up being closer to exalted with.

Also this list included all the hunter gear from heroics so you can have a quick access sheet on which heroic you want to run for what gear you need. That is pretty useful.

I killed a frost mage

But it didn't give me a statue in Dalaran. This upsets me because killing a frost mage was harder than killing the lich king by far. Didn't even get an 'cheevie for it.

Rebirth of the Temple

I have decided to start up again. The reason this died mainly was because it was an entire thread devoted to just hunter SV PvP. Not that much to talk about.

So I am getting rid of that. While this shall still be named Temple of Survivalism as a homage to days of yonder, I will extend to all aspects of the class so I will actually have something to talk about.

And the fact that SV is no longer the underdog it isn't as interesting.

P.S. your spec got owned Rilgon, eat it.