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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay so yeah, I decided to see how hard I can crit an aimed shot.

I can crit harder than I thought.

How its done:

1. You need an agility flask
2. Agility food.
3. Cat pet (Call of the wild + agility buff)
4. An agility on-proc trinket. Key to the endless chamber or PvP trinket
5. An agility on-use trinket. Unsolveable riddle, or PvP trinkets
6. Potion of the Tol'Vir

Now that you got all of that, here comes the hard part.

7. Get berserking in a bg.
8. Kill something in close proximity to a squishy. Mages or rogues usually work well. For rapid killing. Hopefully this will make your trinket proc as well. This is the hard part.
9. Hunters mark the squishy, pop rapid fire, call of the wild, potion of the tol'vir, activate trinket and let the aimed shot fly!
10. Duck, there will be a shockwave.

11. For added bonus, have a rogue friend follow you around. He can stun the target to make it easier to aimed shot, and can give it expose armor. Ask for tricks when you are using the rest of your cooldowns, but make sure he doesn't get the target below 80%.