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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here is my current UI. Pretty similar to my old but there are some significant changes.

1. You may notice that nifty focus bar above my cast. That is an addon called hunterfocusbar and it is VERY good. I highly recommend it. It simply shows all relevant procs, improved steady shot, locknload, all that sort of thing and puts it above a focus bar. The little green section of the bar represents how much focus you will be at when steady shot finishes the cast. As we are now forced into marksmanship, it is a much more challenging spec as you have to constantly keep an eye on everything at once instead of just pressing buttons when locknload happens to proc. Having all of this information in one spot is a godsend.

2. That little double arrow above the focus bar is made from power auras, it represents rapid fire is online. I can do this with any buff should I desire, including trinket procs.

3. You may notice debuffs above the targets head. That is called platebuffs, and is VERY good for PvP. You can configure every buff/debuff in the game as to show it or not, so you can very easily see when an enemy pops a CD, how long something you aren't targeting will remain trapped, and all that sort of stuff.

4. Yes, I am a draenei. The 20% heal has saved me many times.

5. Yes, I am wearing 2200 gear. I am a grand marshal in RBG rating now.

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