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Sunday, February 13, 2011

To be MM or not to be

Isn't much of a question.

Sv is pretty bad right now, although it is much easier to play.

My thoughts on the recent changes:

1. Master's call being dispelled. What were they thinking? Seriously..
-Hunters do not have damage mitigation, the only way to avoid damage is by not taking it, which is what we are balanced around. This nerf to our best damage prevention ability is possibly one of the worst changes to the class ever. Also, they weren't thinking very clearly seeing as now we are the only class that has a very important buff to dispel and zero trash buffs to mask it. I am pretty certain that when they changed its animation, they just took freedom and renamed it, and that made it dispellable and what made the cooldown 45 seconds instead of 35. It was never hotfixed to be dispellable, it was always since 4.06 came out, the only thing they hotfixed was the tooltip. Pretty sad this is how far they will go to avoid admitting to being wrong. Crippling a class, but they never much cared for us anyways.

2. Deterrence while disarmed. Cute. I could deterrence while disarmed when I was dual-wielding before the patch, now I can't. Kinda went the wrong way, didn't you blizzard? On the other hand, I am very very happy rogues cant cheap shot me anymore.

3. Concussive shot glyph. Would have been really good, if it worked.
It makes it so they can't run above 100%, but they are slowed by 50% for the duration, so they wouldn't be over 100% anyways.. Essentially, it does nothing unless they are on a epic flying mount. Kind of dropped the ball here. This is supposed to be able to negate speed-increasing effects, like sprint for example. When a rogue is slowed by 50% and they sprint, it is 70% increased from 50%, not 70% of 100, minus 50%. When a rogue is dazed and sprinting they are going at ~75%, the glyph is supposed to make them be going at 50%.

4. Arcane shot damage increase. Never happened.

5. SV nerfs. Now, SV hunters use explosive trap and spam arcane shot to do their maximum dps. That is a 100% flat out fail in class design, we told them it would do that, we proved it on the ptr, they didn't care. Now, the spec is worthless.

5. Aimed shot, chimera shot, and kill shot. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Basically, all we got was a damage boost to aimed/chimera/and kill shot. Extremely lackluster for a class at 1% arena representation. They even gave us NERFS, and they are discussing nerfing aimed shot... Safe to say that whatever they are smoking that makes hunters look playable, they need to share it with me.


Here is my current UI. Pretty similar to my old but there are some significant changes.

1. You may notice that nifty focus bar above my cast. That is an addon called hunterfocusbar and it is VERY good. I highly recommend it. It simply shows all relevant procs, improved steady shot, locknload, all that sort of thing and puts it above a focus bar. The little green section of the bar represents how much focus you will be at when steady shot finishes the cast. As we are now forced into marksmanship, it is a much more challenging spec as you have to constantly keep an eye on everything at once instead of just pressing buttons when locknload happens to proc. Having all of this information in one spot is a godsend.

2. That little double arrow above the focus bar is made from power auras, it represents rapid fire is online. I can do this with any buff should I desire, including trinket procs.

3. You may notice debuffs above the targets head. That is called platebuffs, and is VERY good for PvP. You can configure every buff/debuff in the game as to show it or not, so you can very easily see when an enemy pops a CD, how long something you aren't targeting will remain trapped, and all that sort of stuff.

4. Yes, I am a draenei. The 20% heal has saved me many times.

5. Yes, I am wearing 2200 gear. I am a grand marshal in RBG rating now.